• Peek-a-boo

    Are misalignments hiding in your child's spine? more

  • Happy and active family

    A healthy spine and nervous system, working at its very best, can help anyone at anytime in their life! more

  • I get adjusted too

    I get adjusted just like Mom and Dad, so I can grow up happy and healthy like them! more

  • Grandparents staying young

    Maintain your health so you can enjoy the important things in life! more

  • Babies can be adjusted

    We specialize in taking care of precious babies, to give them their BEST chance to be completely healthy! more

  • Overlooked causes of spinal misalignment 

    There are countless ways to get misalignments in the spine.  The sooner they are corrected, the sooner we can restore optimal health. more

Our Services

We are a family chiropractic office!

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Dr. Rusty Herring specializes in pediatric and maternal care in order to better serve entire families in the Auburn, Opelika and surrounding areas. We offer specific, scientific chiropractic care to remove misalignments in the spine. By gently adjusting the spine, we create a better environment for the body to heal and function in.  As the body begins to function better, our patients achieve new levels of health.

Our Mission

To change the health of our community!

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Our MISSION at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic is to give HOPE to a hopeless generation that has no HOPE of ever achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH through the vehicle of specific, scientific corrective chiropractic care.

To improve the health of our community through the vehicle of chiropractic care by removing interference to the nervous system and allowing our bodies to express health!  To offer hope of improved health to every man, woman and child.  To encourage and inspire our community to strive towards excellence in reaching their maximum mental, physical and spiritual potential.